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  • KamaHapa is a compound word in Swahili.  Nuances can mean:

    • "Such-As-This"

    • "As-Shown-Here"

    • "Just-As-You-See"

    • "Just LIKE This"



Our Mission

Improve Wellbeing With Digital Experiences



    KamaHapa’s mission; "Improve your wellbeing with digital experiences." 

    KamaHapa began as a food recipe website.  But it became clear that visitors to our site wanted to engage and experience the recipes for their own wellbeing.  Our visitors were asking for "Uplifting Adventures."  So we took those cues and now every digital product KamaHapa creates is made with your wellbeing as the primary driver.  KamaHapa makes  "Uplifting Adventures" for writing, photography, browsing, search engines, maps, games and now creating for emerging experiences for the internet of things (IoT).  

    The amazing response to our flagship "GET 2 PRAY" app demonstrates the power that "Uplifting Adventures" can have on your wellbeing.



    It was no different for Vincent Van Gogh, the 19th century Dutch artist who struggled much of his life in search of a painter's paradise, moving from country-to-country, eventually settling in France. Van Gogh's first works were water-based paintings before he was introduced to oil-based paints in France.  He created his best works in the last two years of his short 37-year life.

    We too have moved from country-to-country in search of a digital arts paradise. 

    In 2007, we built a website to feature African food recipes from two-dozen countries: Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt . . .  But then social media upended that and we had to go back to the "drawing board."

    Then in 2010, we started to make 2D board-games for Windows PCs but never published them because we became fascinated with 3D modeling.  By 2012, we started to publish small 3D games for Windows PCs.  Surprisingly, all the 3D games still work a decade later on modern Windows systems.  The challenge at the time was the performance of the average PC: 3D games are resource hungry.  But thanks to hardware improvements over the past decade, we have re-published two of the legacy games on this site if you fancy a retro 3D experience.  We may upload more "blasts from the past" 3D games but most do need a touch-up.

    Enter 2014, the year we pivoted to the Android system.  As you can tell from our site, we're gonna be stuck with the Android for a long, long time.  Check out our latest production, "GET 2 PRAY" on Google Play Store :-)

    GET 2 PRAY is delighting the souls of thousands from all over the world: see the reviews on Google Play Store!


    Stay tuned for more apps, coming soon.

    . . .  They come straight out of OUR HEART:


    Start to Feel!