Maasaivatar Female (Greyhound, v1 PC App)

Maasaivatar Female (Greyhound, v1 PC App)

  • $1499

More than just a pretty girl 3D Kichwa (means "Head" in Swahili), Maasaivatar is loaded with bells n' whistles for every girl on earth.

Girls, just imagine . . .  

What if you didn't have to wash off old makeup every time you want a new look!

We want the KamaHapa 3D experience to be like grooming in front of a large mirror!


This PC game was co-designed by a girl gamer!
By getting this app, you also support girl game-makers.


Works with Windows Systems (XP, Windows 7x, Windows 8x, Windows 10x).
And variants of this game are under construction as well: see Asiaavatar and Romaavatar profiles below, coming soon!




Having an independent graphics processor on your PC/Laptop helps improve performance tremendously.  In that architecture, this game hums along gracefully.  Obviously, a more recent production gaming laptop is best (productions after 2012).

In the worst case performance, this game was been tested on a 2009 production laptop with only a 4-Core processor, 4Gigabits of RAM and integrated graphics (i.e. not independent graphics).  In that configuration, it took about 10seconds to load the game and click-actions (time between click and result) took about a 1/2second.

This is a "Greyhound Rated Game." A Greyhound rating is the lowest priced version of the game, but the fun is still in there. 

A "Greyhound Edition" is an abridged version of a full "Turtle Edition" app. 

However, Greyhound Editions are built for a satisfying game experience, even if they have "fewer bells-n'-whistles" than Turtle Editions. 

Typically, KamaHapa creates a Greyhound Edition first while the full-featured Turtle version is still under construction.  A Greyhound game may undergo several versions (1.0, 2.0 and so forth) but still maintain the abridged status (Greyhound). 
So you don't miss out on fun when you purchase a Greyhound Edition.  You can always replace a Greyhound Edition later. 


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