GET 2 PRAY (Google Play App)

GET 2 PRAY (Google Play App)

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GET 2 PRAY (App)

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How do you find a prayer in the Holy Bible?

GET 2 PRAY made it easy :-)










GET 2 PRAY is, “A catalog of over 450 prayers of The Holy Bible.”


We think of GET 2 PRAY as; “A Prayer Bible!”


We captured ALL the PRAYERS of the HOLY BIBLE . . . 

Then we sliced-n’-diced them into both small and large chunks . . . 

Then we packaged them with options for you to choose from.


Prayers to God include thought, speech, dream, structure, posture, dressing, compliance even divine manifestation.


Did you know that about 12% of The Holy Bible contains prayer events and prayer moments?

We did the math.


The Holy Bible is a wonderful and amazing prayer resource!


    Why invent new prayer strategies when The Holy Bible has them all?

    Why make The Holy Bible of a lesser prayer book to fashion prayer books?


GET 2 PRAY does not develop “new” prayer strategies or fashion prayers . . . 

The only resource in the app are prayers from the Holy Bible.




FREE vis-à-vis SUBSCRIPTION Features

The following in-app features are FREE (No payment requested):

    + View ALL PRAYERS using the GET 2 PRAY canon (see canon ahead)

    + Find prayers of the Bible with suggested SEARCH terms

    + Find prayers of the Bible with your own SEARCH terms

    + Find prayers in books of the Bible

    +  In-app Web Browser to research prayers you find

    +  FREE Crowd-Sources (Wikis) for public studies on prayers you find

    +  FREE CPB (Catholic Public Bible) references

    +  FREE KJB (King James Bible) references

    + Matched side-by-side both CBP and KJB


The following in-app features are by SUBSCRIPTION (Payment is requested):

    + Subscribe to read prayer events and moments by +120 characters (beings) from the Holy Bible:

        - Characters include Godly Humans, Godly Spirits, Ungodly Humans, Ungodly Spirits

        - Characters are alphabetically arranged within each canon - see canon structure ahead

        - Includes the worship of God by creatures in heaven

        - Includes the pleas by satan to God and by demons to Jesus Christ


    + Subscribe to read "The 30 altar events, and moments" by 21 characters (beings) from the Holy Bible:

        - Arranged by canon - see canon structure ahead

        - Includes the alter in heaven

        - Includes destruction of altars by the ungodly


    + Daily calendar of suggested prayers from the Holy Bible, generated by canon (see canon ahead)





The GET 2 PRAY Canon

  • Torah
  • 1st Succession
  • 2nd Succession
  • 3rd Succession
  • Prophets
  • Teachings
  • Gospels
  • Apostles




Jesus’ Seven Strategies for Prayer

Did you know, there are Seven Prayer Strategies by Jesus?

Seven is God’s number for perfection!

We didn’t invent this stuff, God did!

    1. REDUCTION Prayer Strategy
    2. LOCATION Prayer Strategy
    3. INCLINATION (Predilection) Prayer Strategy
    4. ABSOLUTION (Condonation) Prayer Strategy
    5. COMPOSITION Prayer Strategy
    6. DETERMINATION (Disposition) Prayer Strategy
    7. ITERATION Prayer Strategy




Device Spec Requirements

The following requirements are necessary to ensure a quality experience.


   - Minimum: 5inch Screen or Larger

   - Minimum: 1GB (1,000MB) Storage

   - Minimum: 2GB (2,000MB) Memory / RAM

   - Recommended: One GPU / Dedicated Graphics CPU

   - Recommended: Multi-Core CPU @ Minimum CPU @ 1.5Ghz

   - Recommended 64Bit CPU




Our Prayer for You!

We pray that you have amazing prayer outcomes as you explore the prayers from this catalog.





  • Design contributions for bible resources, content navigation, wireframe and performance specs and widget effects done by Pendo Muema.
  • Source-code contributions done by Chanzo Muema.
  • Much gratitude to all App Testers with special mention to Jane Muema :-)

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