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A picture says more than a thousand words!

The wTUBEFONT is the first of our mult-language fonts.


We chisseled the wTubeFont to make artwork out of calligraphy in several languages.

We BELIEVE that a font is not just a template for writing but also a statement of personality.

Our World Font Series Includes Two Feature Formats:

  • TTF (true type font)
  • WOFF (web open font format)


This is a fun Do-it-Yourself world font to work with 

That means you can MASHUP or OVERLAY any OTHER CALLIGRAPHY along the "tube-lining" of the wTUBEFONT.  That's where we got the idea of "Tube" as a moniker for this font.

As you can see, many of our signature curvings derive from our original eRegular Font.  We had to space out the characters a little more to make them stand out.



Latin +800Glyphs
Hebrew +110Glyphs
Arabic +300Glyphs
Cyrillic +300Glyphs
Greek +130Glyphs
Coptic +50Glyphs
Thai +80Glyphs
Georgian +80Glyphs
Armenian +100Glyphs
Punjab/Gurmukhi +70Glyphs
Hindi/Dev90anagari +120Glyphs
Sinhala +90!Glyphs
Math +400Glyphs
+ + + !




All KamaHapa fonts are derived from original works by KamaHapa creators and artists.  You'll know KamaHapa fonts by signature features, for example, the curved inner-cuts on many glyphs are unique, and copyrighted, to ensure you get the authentic-deal.

Of course, KamaHapa makes no compromises on the font quality and the "w" series fonts are no-nonsense about that.  In the "e" series, we don't just look out for English only characters, we meticulously carve out French Accénts and other Unicode 2.x characters. 

The "w" stands for WORLD character glyphs.  There are more than 3,500 unique glyphs in all out "w" series fonts.  That includes language characters from Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, German, Thai, Portuguese, Coptic, Ethiopian, Punjabi and even Advanced Math.  There are more than 800 Latin base characters alone!

Every effort is made to artistically chisel a language font as to fit the theme title of the font.  We continuously upgrade and improve our fonts.  And this is only version 1. 

KamaHapa plans to build-out other language characters as well! (vr2, vr3 . . . vr"n")

This package includes visual installation instructions for Windows systems.

TTFs can be installed on many popular device formats: on Mac, PC, Linux and also on mobile devices running Android or iOS with the help of install apps.