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Well then, this is the eBLOCK_NARROW, sister of the eNARROW FONT, but with one difference . . .  Right-Angles instead of Curves.  The technical name: "1Pack eBLOCK_NARROW1 Euro."

As you can see, the outline and character borrows heavily from the signature of the eRegular Font.  This rendition presents are more "squared" experience than the original eRegular rendition.  We had to space out the characters a little more to make them stand out.

All KamaHapa fonts are derived from original works by KamaHapa creators and artists.  You'll know KamaHapa fonts by signature features, for example, the curved inner-cuts on many glyphs are unique, and copyrighted, to ensure you get the authentic-deal.

Of course, KamaHapa makes not compromises on the font quality and the "e" series fonts are no-nonsense about that.  In the "e" series, we don't just look out for English only characters, we meticulously carve out French Accénts and other Unicode 2.x characters. 

The "e" stands for extended character glyphs that include a wide range of European origin characters (i.e. Unicode 2.x+), not just the basic English 26 character alphabet per case.

The "e" series font includes more than 260 unique glyphs.  Each glyph is purposely and artistically constructed to fit theme title of the font.  And this is only version 1. 

KamaHapa plans to build-out other language characters as well! (vr2, vr3 . . . vr"n")

This package includes a demo PDF and visual installation instructions for Windows systems.

TTFs can be installed on many popular device formats: on Mac, PC, Linux and also on mobile devices running Android or iOS with the help of install apps.

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