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For those of you who observe Easter traditions, we think you'll like what we've done with the "EASTER-EGG THISWAY FONT."

You can, for example, color your writing using this font with an advanced writing editor.  You can decorate your font if your writing editor comes with such features.  We think you'll like it, if only for the pure fun of "FINDING THE PERFECT EGG."

"We want you to enjoy Easter by extending your egg search DIGITALLY :)"

. . . With a few questions of our own

. . .  BUT SERIOUSLY, what do Eggs have to do with Easter? 

Was Jesus Christ burried with an Egg?  Or did he have an Egg for the Last Supper?  Or did he have an egg business aside from his carpentry business?  Appart from the egg mythology propagated for the past 2,000 years, we have not such hard evidence.

Even more perplexing, What does a Bunny (a Hare) know about Eggs?

Bunny's can't hold Eggs!  Bunny's eat plants (herbivors), not creatures! 

. . .  And what kind of Bunny is it that knows how to pack gifts for children?  Where do such tales come from?  Who'se idea was it?

We have a different take to this and that is, "If Jesus were here today, he would preach on 'The Parable of The Lost Egg!"

So, in the absense of proof connecting Jesus Christ to Eggs and Bunnies, we think the myth is a fun experience. 

But just in case you're wondering, some scholars have some theories about the origins as we show below. 

  • We found some history on "The Egg Hunt" on WikiPedia @
  • We also found some history on the Bunny entry, which came more than 1,500 years after the Egg myth!  See @

As we wait for the next Easter myth, please return to KamaHapa and check out new Easter themes as we roll them out.  We're working hard on the Bunny font for example.

Our motto is "Simple, Fun and Portable."

KamaHapa means Just-Like-This in Swahili . . .  So whatever you decide "This font is" . . .  It is.

The "e" stands for extended character glyphs that include a wide range of European origin characters (i.e. Unicode 2.0+), not just the basic English 26 character alphabet per case.

The "e" series font include more than 250 unique glyphs.  Each glyph is purposely and artistically constructed to fit theme title of the font.

TTFs can be installed on many popular device formats: on Mac, PC, Linux and also on mobile devices running Android or iOS with the help of install apps.

This package includes a demo PDF and installation instructions for devices running Windows.

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