6Pack_3D (e-series)

6Pack_3D (e-series)

  • $1999

No one 3D font can capture all the angles of view of a letter character:

  • be it left-side-view and right-side-view combined;
  • be it top-vew and bottom-view combined;
  • be it left-side-top-side view and right-side-topside-view combined;
  • be it left-side-bottom-side view and right-side-bottomside-view combined . . . And so-on and so-forth.
  • we haven't even done the top-view or bottom-view options yet!
  • we haven't even explored the 3D depth (perspective) options yet!
  • EACH One-Degree turn, whether vertically or sideways, is a new 3D-View . . . 

A single 3D view is just that; a "single-3D-view."  The 3D fonts in this pack will not be the last of the KamaHapa 3D fonts.

That's the challange of reducing a 3D view onto a 2D surface, especially if the 2D surface does not come with animation.

While holographic technologies continue to undgergo ground-breaking innovations, today illustrating different 3D views of a letter character is typically conveyed with animation on a 2D surface.

Animation creates an illusion of going around what is essentially a 2D view so that it looks like you're going around a 3D object.

KamaHapa makes 3D games so that concept is well understood and formulated.

Here's the problem.  Fonts formats like True-Type-Font (TTF) are not delivered as animations!

Rather, TTF are used as utilities inside apps that can render such animations.

So how does KamaHapa solve the "Multiple 3D-vews Delivery" problem?  SIMPLE ANSWER: "By creating Multiple Single-3D-Views."

AND THUS, this package includes the following fonts Multiple Sigle-3D-Views:

  • four "KamaHapa 3D" fonts, each representing a single-3D-view;
    • one "KamaHapa_e3D-Flat-LeftFace" font
    • one "KamaHapa_e3D-Flat-RightFace" font
    • one "KamaHapa_e3D-Short-LeftSlant-RightFace" font
    • one "KamaHapa_e3D-Short-RightSlant-LeftFace" font
  • two "KamaHapa 2D Extended FLAGSHIP fonts

. . .  KamaHapa will construct more Single-3D-views so stay tuned.  After all, "KamaHapa is The Van-Gogh of Fonts!"

The "e" stands for extended character glyphs that include a wide range of European origin characters (i.e. Unicode 2.0+), not just the basic English 26 character alphabet per case.

The "e" series font include more than 250 unique glyphs.  Each glyph is purposely and artistically constructed to fit theme title of the font.

TTFs can be installed on many popular device formats: on Mac, PC, Linux and also on mobile devices running Android or iOS with the help of install apps.

This package includes a demo PDF and installation instructions for devices running Windows.

All KamaHapa fonts are derived from original works by KamaHapa creators and artists.  You'll know KamaHapa fonts by signature features, for example, the curved inner-cuts on many glyphs are unique, and copyrighted, to ensure you get the authentic-deal.

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