TENGENEZA HEDRON (Greyhound, v1 PC App)

TENGENEZA HEDRON (Greyhound, v1 PC App)

  • $1499

TENGENEZA HEDRON is a 3D PUZZLE GAME for Works with Windows Systems (XP, Windows 7x, Windows 8x, Windows 10x).

TENGENEZA means Fix or Repair or Make in Swahili.

HEDRON is derived from the geometry of polyhedrons (i.e. 3D symmetrical shapes) in mathematics.

TENGENEZA HEDRON is a challenge game, much like chess.  This is not a competition points game.

KamaHapa makes every effort to reduce language barriers in games.  Where possible, pictures are used instead of words.

Like many 3D games, above-average computing performance (graphics intensive) is required to get acceptable gaming experience and this game is no exception.

The download contains a "Readme PDF" that describes device requirements to enjoy the experience.

KamaHapa holds several USA copyright certificates for games that back to 2009, so gamers can be sure that they have authentic "real-deal" titles and "not copycats."  All future games, both new or upgrades, are derived from original copyrighted works.


Having an independent graphics processor on your PC/Laptop helps improve performance tremendously.  In that architecture, this game hums along gracefully.  Obviously, a more recent production gaming laptop is best (productions after 2012).

In the worst case performance, this game was been tested on a 2009 production laptop with only a 4-Core processor, 4Gigabits of RAM and integrated graphics (i.e. not independent graphics).  In that configuration, it took about one-minute to load the game and click-actions (time between click and result) took about two-seconds.

This is a "Greyhound Rated Game." A Greyhound rating is the lowest priced version of the game, but the fun is still in there. 

A "Greyhound Edition" is an abridged version of a full "Turtle Edition" app. 

However, Greyhound Editions are built for a satisfying game experience, even if they have "fewer bells-n'-whistles" than Turtle Editions. 

Typically, KamaHapa creates a Greyhound Edition first while the full-featured Turtle version is still under construction.  A Greyhound game may undergo several versions (1.0, 2.0 and so forth) but still maintain the abridged status (Greyhound). 
So you don't miss out on fun when you purchase a Greyhound Edition.  You can always replace a Greyhound Edition later. 


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