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Many online shoppers want as much info as they can get about a product.  Shoppers want to make an informed decision before making a purchase.  Sometimes, shoppers will read one of our blogs before they make a decision to view a product: they want to know more about KamaHapa. 


About once every year, we like to re-introduce KamaHapa as the creator of products on this site.  In previous introductions, we focused on our passion, our mission even our origins.


In previous re-introductions, we focused on our mission to create wonderful digital adventures or the catalog of products on this store.  In this introduction, we want to bring you to different perspective from past re-introductions. In this re-introduction, we want to show you the changing profile of yourselves, the shoppers visiting our stores.


We have noticed that our curious shoppers are changing.  When we started, we had only fonts and gaming apps.  Back then, most shoppers originated from Canada . . .  That changed when we started to publish apps on Google Play.


During 2017, most of our shoppers come from the Google Play site.  During 2017, about 40% of our Google Play shoppers came from India, about 20% from Canada and about 10% from the USA.


By 2018, as more shoppers from other countries became aware of our products, we saw shoppers from India had reduced to about 18% and shoppers from Canada also reduced to about 18%.  By 2018, Brazil and France, neither of which featured in the 2017 demographic, now these two counties made a combined 28% of our shoppers, divided equally between the two countries.


By 2019, we have started to see more curious shoppers emerging from Indonesia and Philippines.


We have also noticed most of the new shoppers are interested in apps we publish on Google Play rather than apps we publish on this site.  This change in traffic demography is the reason we replace many apps on site.


If you click on our Facebook at the bottom of this page, you can get a much better appreciation of the demographic profile of KamaHapa shoppers.


We create wonderful digital adventures.


See what’s in store on this site.





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