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One cool thing about a Google map is the associated information for locations: phone number, website and so forth. 


Now imagine you could get ALL associated phone numbers and ALL associated web sites for that same location in your map results.  Not just the one phone number.  Not just one web site.


Now imagine again, you also get other information such as crime rates, local events, local taxis and ride hailing and so forth.


We at KamaHapa not only imagined multiple results for a Google map, we built the app!!


When you use either of the government approved apps, “KH HIT-CITY” or “KH CANADA,” you will see many results widgets, each themed by a result of interest.  For example, the phone widget finds all the phone number results for your Google map search. 


Once you have installed the app (for Android devices), try the phone widget.  All the widgets have a two-step process.  However, your device needs access to the internet for the two-step to work.


Try the phone widget as follows:


FIRST, choose any of the available widgets in the top bar to find a location of interest.  You can do this with three widgets:

  • The “WHERE-AM-I” widget brings up a Google map of your location and all you need to do is click on a location of interest near you on the map
  • The “AUTO+ PLACE FINDER” launches a Google search box where you can type-in a name of a location of interest
  • The MICROPHONE launches Google Voice so that you can speak the name of a location of interest


SECOND, click the PHONE widget on the second bar.

This action launches a web-view within the app: you do not exit the app, rather, the web-view is in-app.


If your location of interest has a phone number, it will appear on the web-view along with other information about that location.  Additional information about the location will also be displayed as a search list for you to browse.


To search another location, just follow the second and third steps above.


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