LESS IS MORE! (AutoSave & AutoRestore)

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We eliminated the “Save” button in apps containing a Notepad for Text Editing; for Android platform only.


Instead, saving occurs as you write, in real-time, character-by-character.  And if your keyboard comes with a microphone (talk), as long as you're talking, each character is automatically saved in real-time.


We didn’t stop with “AutoSave.”  We also introduced “AutoRestore.”


If you should exit the app or restart your device, all your text is automatically restored.  We call this capability, “AutoSave / AutoRestore.”  All you need to do is re-color and resize your restored text when you return to the app. 


Likewise, app upgrades do not delete your text either! 


Consider this: Our photo editing apps already enable you to take photos and videos, all of which are saved in in real-time. 


So we asked, “Photography does not need a ‘Save’ button, why should a Text?"


When we introduced “Save” button, that was because we had been making apps for the PC.  As the quote says, “Creatures of habit.”


Of course, apps built for the PC have come a long way to enable AutoSave capabilities.  However, as many people know, apps for the PC STILL require a “Save” button.  So when one day we build apps with Notepad for the PC, expect that the app will have a “Save” button. 


Finally, for our Notepad Text Editors on Android platform, we are breaking away from PC-era practices such as “Save.”   


We just thought to give you more confidence by taking away one more PC-era hassle.  You don’t have to “Save” text anymore!  from users of our apps and they can focus on what they love to do best, be that photo editing or mashups or just map marking.


So when you share with your friends about this site, let them know that the apps with Note Pads are legitimate Text Editors.  Likewise apps with Photo Editors use legitimate cameras as well.

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