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The most valuable capability of the KH RESCUE app is the automatic presentation of all contacts for rescue services that are closest to the device.  Below is a screenshot of what you see when you launch the KH RESCUE app:


The rescue features of the app are focused on Ambulance, Police, Fire Rescue and Family Emergency.  The app will find the closest services anywhere there is internet services.


The first of these apps is made for download to Android devices.


In the near future, you will be able to use this capability from your Chrome or Android browser, without need for download.  Many countries still have spotty internet services and that is the reason we are building the browser-based edition of this rescue capability.


KH RESCUE app does not seek to replace existing first-responder systems and processes like N11, 999 and 112 calls. 


However, poor communication over phone dials can sometimes be problematic and the problems can cost lives.  For example, where language is a barrier, or when a caller does not have accurate location information, dispatchers are left to guesswork about an incident. 


KH RESCUE app augments and enhances existing systems of jurisdictional authorities, such as local governments and campus authorities, with accurate incident line-of-sight information. 


We at KamaHapa believe that emergency dispatchers and responders need accurate information that they can use to allocate the most appropriate life saving information.



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