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We chose Mumbai, India, to demonstrate our image MASHUP capability . . .  On Google Maps . . .  On Street View . . . in a Photo Editing app!



Search “KH World” on Google Play to download the free app.


This capability is a great way to tell a story or plan a trip and share on social media.


By tapping on the map, two markers appear at the point on the map where you tapped.  The top marker is the primary (blue color) and the rear marker (with yellow emoji) works as a route pin.  Every time you tap on the map, a new yellow emoji marker appears.  All markers can be dragged to different locations on the map. 


There are nearly 300 countries and continental regions that can be searched.  Simply type the name of a country and the two markers appear inside that country.  You can then drag the markers to new locations at will.


There are some caveats with the app you need to consider so remember to read the in-app manual. 


We are constantly improving the app so keep the updates current and enjoy making MASHUP stories!

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