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Take Control of Your Apps!


App building shops representing customers tend to self-publish the apps, on behalf of their customers. In that model, the customer is giving away a lot of control that they already have the power to take back.


The customer may not have the technical capability to make an app, but the customer certainly has the power to self-publish an app!  This little and yet powerful detail is often lost to the customer.  Powerful because the customer can make decisions such as branding, pricing and access.


We at KamaHapa give our customers CONTROL over their publication narratives: the customer can self-publish on their own. 


In the KamaHapa methodology, the customer not only decides what content to publish with the app, but the customer also decides where to publish the app, be that on: private website; Google Play; Amazon app store; Microsoft app store; or other enabling Cloud services. 


While KamaHapa custom apps are built on Android, a new technology from Google now enables apps to be delivered to other platforms such as iOS and Windows platform.  This new capability is called “Instant App.”  We think this is a game changing development because we can now deliver, “BUILD ONCE, DEPLOY ANYWHERE” solutions.


Using the FORMS provides on this site, small custom apps priced between CD$7,500 up to CD$55,000 (CD$ = Canadian $) can be delivered within 15 days (fulfillment promise).  Larger apps would take up to 30 days to fulfill, as long as they conform to our FORMS.


Of course, big apps would take a lot longer to fulfill.

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