Power in Love Portions: PENDO FONTS

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The indomitable PENDO fonts are embellished with passion. 

"Pendo" means "Love" in Swahili.

Love is, undoubtedly, the most powerful force across the universes.

So the question is, how best to preserve a message of love?

Here's the problem . . .  The spoken word, "I Love You," disintegrates in the air or worse, is forgotten.

temporary solution could be, say to record "I love you" with an app or record "I love you" on analog device like a magnetic tape-recording boom-box from the 80s.  The problem is, in our fast-paced world of changing technology, you have to keep updating your app or, worse, change devices.  What are the odds that magnetic tape recordings from the 80s survived the test of time?  Surely, voice recording is not a permanent solution.

What you really need to say "I love you" is an indomitable solution!

That permanent solution is a gift from ancient civilizations who solved the recording problem; "By writing."  Whether on stone or papyrus scrolls, we have the ancients to thank for the simplicity of writing.  Words of love have survived THOUSANDS of years.  So you see, WRITING is the SOLUTION.

Writing can be duplicated and even transferred to indelible surfaces, just as the case was with ancient Africans of Egypt.  Had it not been for the rock writings of King Scorpion, the King of first dynasty of Egypt dating more than 5,000 years ago (Dynasty Zero), we would not have known that he was an African from the Nile.  Thanks to writing, records can be corrected.  What we have from the ancients, is not a voice recoding, or Polaroid photos, rather, what we have is their writing.  Their writing withstood the battering test of time.  

Enter the KamaHapa fonts! 

And why not?  That's why we make fonts . . .  To enable you be remembered differently.  To enable you to be discovered.  We know our fonts hit the right notes.  The FREE version of the KamaHapa Android Text Editor on Google Play has an average rating of 4.4 . . .  That's just with plain standard fonts, not theme fonts.

The DEMO images here are compelling illustrations of the love fonts, soon to be published.

The Pendo font collection will be published as a 6Pack zip file. 

While KamaHapa has been publishing free sample fonts, the Pendo 6Pack will be the first package that customers can purchase.  The compelling images above demonstrate why the Pendo 6Pack is a must-have collectible for all seasons. 

The Pendo 6Pack will be ready, on time for Valentine!

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